Sunday, January 16, 2011

What an amazing trip!

Hello! This is my first post! I am truely loving all the adventures we have encountered thus far..and with such a great group of people. We have all laughed until our cheeks ached! Thanks to our fearless tour guide Geoff, we, his 4 ducklings in tow, have experienced so much of this culture in a short amount of time. Our time in Sapnawat Village was one of my favorites. Although we were only able to stay 5 days, I think we accomplished alot. The family we stayed with was so gracious and generous. They cooked delicious meals and taught us Bollywood style dance moves! On our second day, they helped us set up a clinic in part of their house. We instantly had people from the village lined up for medical care. Vibov, Vishal, Deepika, and Pryanka, the children from our host family, as well as Vikrant, son of Dr. Shesh and Dr. Preity of the village were so helpful translating between us and our patients. We then used various medical supplies we brought to help diagnose. I focused mainly on the children and saw many damaged ear drums and loss of hearing from chronic untreated ear infections, month long urinary tract infections, asthma, and colds. We prescribed antibiotics when needed, but also learned alot about homeopathic medicine from Dr. Sarter, and when to use it. For certain patients, homeopathy was a beneficial and desired option. Our patients could pick up the medications from the pharmacy right around the corner, and even return for further explanation. We are still tallying numbers, but saw roughly over 60 patients per day! The village was so welcoming, truely made us feel like part of their family. I would love to return some day and help again. Our last night we passed out toys, crayons, coloring books, and cars we brought for the children...and there were so many kids, it was so fun! I hope to go back to the village some was a simple lifestyle filled with so much happiness and love, everyone took care of one another. It was such an amazing experience. We made many lifelong friendships and lasting memories.

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  1. hi,I am so pleased to know about your experience.This is my paternal village and These all r my cousins who i miss too much as now i live in Dallas Texas.I wanna know more about your missions.