Wednesday, January 12, 2011

reflection on clinic and village life

In the Delhi airport awaiting our flight to Mumbai. I had a few moments to update the experiences of the village. The hospitality from the family we stayed with was beyond description. Nirmala the mother/wife of the house worked morning, noon, and night over a hot fire keeping our bellies full to the rim with delicious traditional Indian food. A true saint. She fed 8 of us 3 meals daily, and did not eat herself until we were all finished. This is Indian tradition for the household to eat after the guests.

Words can not describe the spice and favor of the Chai tea we were served 2-3 daily, nothing like the Chai I have had in the past. It was delightful.

We actually worked for a few day in the cold winter Sapnawat weather. People from all over came for care. Our presence was spread by word of mouth. The people had complaints of eye/vision problems, GI distress, hypertension, Diabetes, muscular skeletal pain, ear nose and throat problems, and skin complaints to name a few. They were satisfied with our care, and we can only hope they can obtain the follow-up they need from the government doctors infrequent visits.

We also dabbled in homeopathic medicine when medical history and medications were unclear. That was the safest treatment at times with instructions for follow up.

The family brought tears to our eyes as we were leaving. The heartfelt selfless giving they constantly shared with us was humbling. Words can not express the gratitude we feel for the depth of kindness they bestowed upon us. We will miss them terribly, even after such a short stay in their home.

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