Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's off to India we go....

I've personally wanted to travel to India for years but for various reasons have never made the trip, so, when Dr. Sarter mentioned in her Spring 2010 class that she was planning a trip to India and would take USD students along I knew I was going to go. A group of five nurse practitioner students, our leader Dr. Sarter, and two of her colleagues will make the trip on January 3rd 2011.

Our team of students include:
Amanda (Family Nurse Practitioner Student)
Geoffrey (Adult Nurse Practitioner Student)
Hannah (Family Nurse Practitioner Student)
Heidi (Adult Nurse Practitioner Student)
Jennel (Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Student)

Our goal is to perform a community assessment in the small town of Sapnawat, two hours from New Delhi. As this is the first trip representatives from USD will be making to the town, we are going to keep the trip rather unstructured, with the goal of introducing ourselves to the community, finding our where and how they access health care, and begin setting the foundations for future USD students to build upon.
I'm incredibly excited, and very fortunate, to be making this trip. I know I'll learn a great deal from the people and the culture.

Follow this blog to see how our journey unfolds.